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BEP Awards To Honor Community Champions, They Deserve It.

Mr Lord Eshun, board member of the BEP Awards Initiative has revealed one of the objectives behind the upcoming event brought to you by DeCash Entertainments (Bosomtwi Entertainment And Personality Awards) and that is to Honor Community Champions.

In an interview with Okordieba Nana Kwame Appiah on DcTV Celebrities Corner, He asserted that “Honoring a community champion creates an example for the rest of the community to follow. It emphasizes that community service is important, and, through the choice of whom to honor, makes it clear what community service means. It may inspire others to take on community service, and even become community champions themselves.

Honoring a community champion demonstrates that even one person can be an effective agent for change, and encourages democratic action.

Honoring a community champion makes not only that person, but others engaged in community service feel that their efforts are valued and appreciated. It helps, in that way, to stave off burnout, and to keep people going.

Honoring a community champion shows the community who the real heroes are. If a hero is someone who strives mightily and selflessly toward a goal that benefits many, rather than himself.

Honoring a community champion can help to prepare the community for future initiatives. It accentuates the need for ongoing work, and for more community champions.
If you make honoring a community champion a practice annually, it keeps people thinking about community service all the time. It leads them to consider what is going on in the community, and who is doing work that deserves the award. It may plant the notion that they themselves should be more involved in the community as well.

Therefore I will call for sponsors, investors, etc..,to support and make this event a memorable.

For info: 0246612771, 0275538542, 0249612839, 0241801719

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