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PRESS RELEASE: Eastern Music Awards 2018 Nominations Guide

The 2018 edition of the Eastern Music Awards was launched last saturday inside koforidua. Proir to the release of the noimation form and process fans and some session of artist have complained about the way to nominate hussle free.
Upon hearing this from the public, the public relations team of the awards scheme have released some tips that can help ease the process for management filling for an artist, Artist filling for themselves and fans or followers filling for an artist below:

Management filling for an artiste
1. Artiste name, e-mail, location from the region, contacts for record label or the artiste are compulsory.
2.It is also mandatory to attach links of songs to be considered for nomination to the form.
3. A picture of the artiste(s) and social media handles must be affixed to the form.
Artiste(s) filling for themselves
1. Artiste name, e-mail, contacts and place of residence are compulsory.
2. Add links of songs according to their categories.
3. Artiste picture and social media handles are required.

Fan/followers filling for an artiste.
1. Artiste name is compulsory
2 .Email of the fan not artiste is optional
3. Contact of the fan or artiste optional
4. Link of songs per category selected are compulsory.
6. The picture session is not compulsory. A fan can choose to post or not.
7. The social media handles of the artiste or the fan not compulsory
NB: Nominations open from September 22, 2018 to October 22 2018.
Signed: PRO EMA: Ernest Offei Oboubi (Mr. King) For more info call: 0243001704/0245060917
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