With the increase in global fear and panic, rising from the misunderstandings and confusions amongst friends and foes worldwide, nations and races, school of thoughts and of facts, as well as couples in relationships, one is left only to believe that all is lost.

How long would it take humanity to accept and understand the fact that, LOVE solves it all for all who understands the concept of true love?
Let us, as preachers of love, spread, share and tumble in love rather than the misunderstandings, war, fear and panic; The only solution to make the world a better place to live and achieve.

The LOVE QUOTE RIDDIM, a soothing instrumental piece, produced by ace music producer, sound engineer and musician, Stucky Kojo under the Legendary Rechord label, encompasses various live instruments with touch of multi-genre feel (Reggae/RNB/Pop).
Asked about the motive of the production that had other professional hands from Israel, Italy, Slovakia and Ghana,
Stucky Kojo explains, “…the world is now a smaller place, a global village where everyone connects with everyone through the magical power of the internet andtechnology in the broader perspective, as such, what affects a small village like Ghana or Nigeria, affects the other villages like Italy, Slovakia, Russia, USA and others. Hence, the need to join forces with partner musicians to help make other vocalists express what they really feel about the natural love energy, the energy that connects or disconnects countries, couples, schools of thoughts, partners, a boss and a subordinate. Love is a wonderful energy and can save the world greater gifts that war ships and chemical weapons could not and haven’t been able to do inthousands of decades since creation…….Thanks to my musician friends, Josh Benz(Israel), Antonio Romero (Venezuela) and Michele the TromboneHero(Italy) for helping to write the Love Quote down ”
The instrumental piece is to be used by all musicians, poetry reciters, D.Js and all that has the world
peace at heart and it’s been lobbied into some world class organisations whose ambitions are to see
the world live in peace and love for another million years. Let’s share, spread and tumble in love
rather than war. Stucky Kojo deems to release twelve riddims in 2018, stay tuned all music fanatics
and musicians worldwide.
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Download the instrumentatals from here

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